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How to use Facebook/ Instagram/ Tiktok to promote my business?

You've arrived at correct place if you've been experimenting with social media platforms for your business or are new to the realm of digital marketing. Any business can use social media marketing as one of the most diverse and cost-effective tactics for reaching their potential customers and increasing sales volume. That is why 97 percent of marketers use social media to communicate with their target audiences.

So, what makes social media marketing so appealing?

There are several reasons why social media marketing has grabbed the online marketing industry on the rise. You can see how beneficial this form of marketing can be if you use Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. It's highly recommended to spend it wisely on social media marketing rather than other platforms.


What is TikTok and how can you use it to advertise your company?

Do you believe in hype? If so, TikTok is usually taken as a second Instagram. According to a survey, the app has nearly 3.7 million Nepalese users and 1.1 billion users internationally.

TikTok's audience is comparatively younger than that of other social media networks. If you can make films that relate to TikTok's demographics, it could be an attractive prospect for your company. We all know that truthfulness is a powerful marketing tool. TikTok is marketed as a social media tool that allows you to demonstrate your true self.

Should your business care?

In 2016, TikTok was first launched in China under the name "Douyin." Later on, it was relaunched as TikTok for the international market. It's now one of the most popular apps on the market, consistently appearing in the top three leading free downloads on the Apple Store. To expand its user base, TikTok's parent company, ByteDance, partnered with the renowned app.

How are brands utilizing TikTok?

While TikTok has only recently been able to attract the attention of brands in Nepal, several large corporations are already experimenting with advertisements on the app in other countries. The majority of these campaigns enjoy the benefits of TikTok's "challenge" concept by inventing their own challenges and even continuing so far as to provide new music clips for customers to communicate with, which could lead to some of them winning a big prize.

What Role Does TikTok Play in Your Digital Strategy?

There are various roles that TikTok can play in your digital strategy. Among them, the most notable element of TikTok at the moment is the lack of advertising or monetization options. It improves the user's experience and makes it more relaxing and pleasurable. That's not to admit that this TikTok application won't go in that direction in the future; after all, it can't stay free forever.

This is a fantastic moment for businesses to create a customer base and employ organic marketing strategies to promote their products or services. Send out a # challenge to your followers with a photo of your goods. You could obtain some good marketing and content ideas from other platforms.


Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world, with over 2.07 billion active monthly users and with 1.37 billion regular visitors, 50 percent of whom check Facebook first thing in the morning, it's simply too significant to ignore. The platform affects their worldviews and has a significant impact on their purchasing behaviors.

Are you promoting your small business on social media? Then starting with a Facebook profile for your company is a good place to begin. Facebook provides a variety of techniques to assist you in creating and managing ads. You can also utilize the Boost Post and Promote buttons on your Facebook Business Page, or Ads Manager, a Facebook service.

If you're very new to Facebook advertising, we suggest starting with your page, but if you want more flexibility and options for your advertising goals, creative possibilities, placements, targeting, and more, you might just want to start with Ads Manager.

You can just go with these techniques for Facebook marketing?

1. Boost

A blue Boost Post button may appear at the bottom of some of your postings. Using the Boost Post option, you can rapidly generate a Facebook ad from an existing post. This ad can be displayed in a bunch of locations on Facebook, and you can target it to a specific group of individuals. Boosting a topic from your page is a simple and effective way to get the word out about your company to someone who might be interested and help your page to grow an audience.

2. Promote

If you'd like to build an ad focusing on a particular business goal, click the Promote button. While boosting articles might help you get more likes and comments, the Promote button can help you obtain more prospects, encourage visitors to make purchases on your website, or advertise the location of your store.

3. Ads Manager

Create an ad with Ads Manager if you really want additional options and management over your ad design. The Ads Manager is a one-stop shop for producing ads, scheduling when and where they'll appear, and monitoring the effectiveness of your efforts. You'll have access to all of Facebook's advertising capabilities and resources, including sophisticated features like custom audience development, Facebook pixel creation, analytics, and connectivity to the Facebook Ads API.

You may lag behind for business purposes if you are not currently taking advantage of this ever-growing industry. You can be confident that whoever your ideal customer is, you'll find them on Facebook.


Why Instagram?

Instagram has become one of the most successful social media channels to promote, with millions of daily active users. Besides being a means of communicating with loved ones and sharing images, it has evolved into a platform for businesses to promote themselves and gain new consumers.

Why don't you try using Instagram to expand your audience?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with 300 million monthly users. Unlike Twitter, which appears to be declining, the number of users on Instagram is increasing. On this platform, there is a high level of engagement with posts: 2.5 billion photographs are liked every day. As per a Forrester study from the end of 2014, more than 4% of Instagram followers engaged with a brand's postings, but fewer than 0.1 percent did so on Facebook. Engagement on Instagram is currently estimated to be up to 10 times greater than on Facebook and 84 times higher than on Twitter.

Do you have no idea how to promote and grow your small business?

You can always promote your product on Instagram and increase your sales conversion, regardless of the size of your company or how long it's been around. Continue reading if you're curious about how that's possible.

Why is this channel's engagement so much higher?

Maybe it's because Instagram has a lot less distractions than some other social media sites. In comparison to the clutter of Twitter or Facebook, there is far less stuff on Instagram and far less in your line-of-sight. There's also a younger generation, which is more likely to participate in social media.

Let's admit it: having a social media presence is essential to any business, regardless of size. Social media may enable you to engage with your intended audience and raise awareness, but it can also help you increase leads and, eventually, sales.