Optimize Your Retail Success with Sajilo RMS Redefined!

Introducing Sajilo RMS by Silk Innovation – Your Ultimate Retail Management Solution. This advanced software transforms retail management with precise stock tracking, efficient order management, and seamless stock replenishment. Integrated with CRM systems, Sajilo RMS enhances customer experiences and boosts satisfaction, driving repeat sales. Its intuitive POS system supports swift transactions, both in-store and online, enhancing sales operations. With powerful analytics on sales and inventory, Sajilo RMS enables data-driven decision-making, helping you optimize operations and elevate your retail business. Join the retail revolution with Sajilo RMS today!


Sajilo RMS: Powering Your Path to Retail Excellence!

Elevate your retail game with Sajilo RMS from Silk Innovation. Our software is the cornerstone of retail success, offering advanced stock management, seamless order fulfillment, efficient POS sales functionality, and insightful reporting and analytics. With Sajilo RMS, businesses can streamline operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive profitability through data-driven decisions. Experience the future of retail management today with Sajilo RMS.


Product Highlights

Powering Business Agility with Comprehensive Financial Tools


Analytics-Based Dashboard

Sajilo RMS features a powerful stock management system that allows precise tracking of inventory levels, order management, and stock replenishment, ensuring the right products are available at


Seamless Order Fulfillment

Integrated seamlessly with CRM systems, Sajilo RMS facilitates personalized customer experiences and efficient order processing, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving repeat sales.


POS Sales Functionality

With its point-of-sale (POS) capabilities, Sajilo RMS enables quick and efficient transaction processing, both in-store and online, streamlining sales operations.


Reporting & Analytics

Sajilo RMS provides detailed reports and analytics on sales performance and inventory management, empowering businesses to make datadriven decisions and optimize their operations.

Explore the key features

Track Every Unit, Seize Every Opportunity. Sajilo RMS: Precision in Stock Management.

At the heart of Sajilo RMS lies its powerful stock management system, allowing you to keep track of every unit with precision. Whether it's monitoring inventory levels, managing orders, or optimizing stock replenishment, Sajilo RMS ensures that you always have the right products at the right time.